About Tanya

I live in a safe home, where everyone is quick to forgive and even quicker to build each other up. 

But that wasn’t always the case.

As a child, I was abused sexually, emotionally and physically. And it’s something that happens too much and talked about too little.

Since then I have dedicated my life to studying how healthy relationships improve every area of life; family, finances, career, mental health, and even physical health.  

I feel like healthy relationships have given me the opportunity and strength to take on the world and I want to give that same opportunity to you! 

When we talk, I promise to provide a warm, safe and judgement free space. My style is based on personal, individualized attention and solution focused guidance backed by top institutions in the industry.

Professional Credentials

Licenses, Certifications, and Education

  • B.S. Marriage and Family Studies 
    Brigham Young University Idaho 

  • Completed Level 1 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy 
    Gottman Institute

  • Clinical Trauma Professional
    International Trauma Training Institute 

  • In Progress: M.A. In Counseling 
    Palo Alto University


Personal Experience

As a child I watched as unhealthy romantic relationships ate away at the success in all avenues of my family’s life. One of the most devastating consequences of the toxicity was my early exposure to abuse. As I mentioned, I was abused sexually, emotionally and physically. I witnessed too many other family members falling victim to similar fates.

Since then, I have made it my life goal to discover and create healthy relationships in all facets of my life. I have seen firsthand the positive difference a healthy relationship can have on every area of life; family, finances, career, mental health, physical health-you name it and I can show you a positive effect. 

I want you to be able to experience those positive effects too!