6 Helpful Resources on LOVE

What’s the opposite of abuse? 


That’s right. It also happens to be the best way to combat abuse and the best way to create our own happily-ever-afters. 

Here are my favorite resources all about that magical 4 letter word! 

For immediate abuse resources, click here 

For help learning about the financial side of life after abuse, click here

For Self-Love 

  1. Feeling Good Blog 

Dr. Burns is the author of When Panic Attacks. He is a renowned psychiatrist and award-winning researcher. But more importantly, his ideas have helped me to connect my feelings of anxiety back to the logical side of my brain. Translation: I feel less anxious! If looking for help with anxiety, I recommend his book When Panic Attacks.  

  1. Project Love

Selina and Vicki talk about love and all aspects of love, including self-love. Everything they produce is so uplifting and encouraging! 

For Romantic Love

  1. Gottman institute 

Drs. Gottman are a husband a wife team who seek to find and teach the science behind love. My husband and I are a happy couple today because of many of the ideas in Gottman Theory. One of my favorite ideas is the idea of briefly interrupting marital conflict which you can find out more information about Here. Highly, highly recommend checking them out. 

For Parenting Love  

  1. Positive Parenting 

It is possible to parent without turning into our past abusers! Positive parenting offers many ideas for parenting peacefully. Add some love into how we raise those small humans! 

  1. Hand and Hand Parenting

This is another one of my favorite go to’s for parenting ideas.

  1. Mimosas with Moms 

Real life mom issues discussed with love and empathy by real moms. Abbey (creator and owner or Mimosas with Moms) does a phenomenal job of teaching in a way that also makes you feel like the best parent in the world. Highly recommend!