The Selfish Benefits of a Healthy Relationship

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Honestly, the biggest thing I’ve learned about creating a healthy relationship is that it’s hard.  It requires insane amounts of time and energy. And you know what? Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I’m hurt. Sometimes I want to just throw a degrading comment or a passive aggressive attack instead of actually taking the time to fix the problem.

But, I have learned that it’s those teeny, tiny moments – those super challenging moments- that actually define a relationship. That’s the time we decide what kind of relationship we want.

If you’re like me, you understand that logically but gosh darnet, in those hard moments toxic responses are so much more appealing.


That’s why I created this list of selfish reasons why we should create a healthy relationship.


Yes. There are actually selfish reasons to be the first one to say sorry or the last one to take offense.


Here they are:

6 Benefits of A Healthy Relationship

1.Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and lower body mass indexes

Studies show that a healthy relationship can drastically improve blood pressure, cholesterol and over all body mass indexes. There are two plausible causes for this. First, when your relationship is happy, your overall stress levels are lower. Lowering stress makes a huge positive impact on your health. Second, relationships push people to be better in all areas of their life, especially in regards to health.  Before I met my husband, I couldn’t run a mile straight through. But now I’m able to run 2 continuous miles, thanks to his patient encouragement. Love can be awesome. 

 2. Lower levels of depression, anxiety and anger.

Positive relationships foster healthy mental health.  

Personally, I have a huge problem with anxiety. It kicks my backside. But my husband works with me and helps me navigate through it. I also feel secure around him- he is my safe place. Those feelings ward off a lot of the negative thought habits that threaten to destroy my mental health. 

3. Improved Heart Health

This is one that I found absolutely fascinating. Studies have found that never-married men are 3x more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than married men. 3 times. That’s a huge difference.  


4. Reduced rate of alzheimer’s

Marriage  improves overall cognitive function. It also helps keep your brain active.

 5. Perform better academically

I have witnessed this one first hand. Before getting married, my husband’s college GPA was 2.7. After getting married ( we got married his junior year) his GPA rose to 3.4. He actually got a 4.0 the semester we got married, even with missing a midterm to go to our wedding.

6. Sustain more responsive immune systems

Studies show that positive interactions between spouses have been observed to strengthen the immune system.

I don’t know about you, but flu season, I can use all the ammo I can get. If talking nicely to my spouse is all I have to do to strengthen my defense against the stomach bug, sign me up!


All of the above are just a few of the scientifically proven benefits of a healthy relationship.

But I want to hear more from you.

What benefits have you noticed from your healthy relationships?

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