Reign of Thorns

As a child she played with them, fought for them. But now the Mixies are being hunted to extinction. And Tatiana is their only hope.

When Eighteen-year-old Princess Tatiana is shamelessly betrayed by her best friend, she does the single thing that could cost her life; she leaves the Palace walls.  

The one choice catapults her into the harsh reality of the darkness within Terrene- the kingdom which should belong to her. Mixies are being routinely massacred and even regular citizens live in fear for their lives. Tatiana knows she must take the throne, in fact it’s the only thing that could save her people, but the treacherous shadow games of her father’s Lead Advisor keep her paralyzed from ascending.

Until she meets Revi. 

A Mixie himself, Revi’s fiery compassion ignites a protective flame of confidence within Tatiana and for the first time, she believes she could actually overcome her nightmare.

But Revi has secrets of his own, secrets that send Tatiana’s already crumbling world upside down. What seemed right becomes wrong and the things that seemed evil… might very well be the things that can liberate her people.

Can she save the Mixies? Or will the nightmare within the walls of her home destroy her before she gets the chance?