Why a Fantasy?


A few years ago, I was teaching dance to youth ages 9-18. Every week they would tell me stories of things that happened at school or conversations they would have with friends. They had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like. They had no idea what toxic behaviors were or what to expect from relationships. 

However, they could tell me teeny, tiny, ultra-specific details on the factions within Divergent. (a popular YA novel that was turned into a movie around that time.) 

That’s when it hit me.

Stories are the way to get to people. To see the emotions play out in a whimsical setting-that would leave a bigger impact than any amount of fact sharing or lecturing I could give.  

So I set to work. 

Luckily, I had already created a story in my head. A story with sweepingly sympathetic characters and edge of your seat action scenes. The story had served as my escape when I navigated the unpredictable, toxic nights of my own youth. 

How fitting to turn it into a way to help others. 

That’s how Reign of Thorns was born. 

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing bits pieces of the story. Even if you aren’t a fan of fantasy, I hope you will fall as in love with the emotions as I have. 


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