Pre- marriage /Pre-Move-in Coaching

Marriage and moving in impacts every aspect of your life. Start it off right by laying a healthy foundation. 

Virtual Relationship Coaching

Coaching from the comfort of your home. Or the beach. Where ever you feel most at ease. All you need is an internet connection.  

Science based

Research shows that happily married couples all exhibit similiar habits, qualities and relationship techniques. Learn those techniques and characteristics and implement them into your own relationship.  

Build off of Strengths you Already have

Figure out your areas of strengths and how those strengths can be used to bolster the areas that need improvement. 

What other couples like you have to say about Tanya

Hear from other parents and see if this is a fit for you

Common Challenges Pre-marriage Couples Face

Take passion to the next level

Using ideas rooted in science, discover how to ignite the sparks in your relationship. ,

Manage Conflict in Healthy Ways

Learn how to settle disputes, disagreements and discord in ways that will bring you closer together as a couple.

Build resiliency within your relationship

Stress will come. Hardships will come. But with resiliency, you can build a marriage that will not falter no matter what life throws at you. .

Becoming One

With marriage comes the merging of lives. How are you both going to budget? Who is doing what around the home? Learn how to successfully blend your lives together while also maintaining that spark and magic that began your love.

Answering some common questions

About relationship coaching

What is a Relationship Coach?

As defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching is a partnership between coach and client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and relationship potential, thereby taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  ​ ​

Does relationship coaching to get an ex back work?​

No. If it’s over, it’s over.

What is the minimum amount of time you will work with a client

Change takes time. Studies show that it takes time and practice to create new and long-lasting habits. It will take a few sessions in order to elicit lasting change. However, each individual/couple is different. In our first appointment, we can look at what a minimum amount of time could be for what you’re looking for. 

Is a dating coach worth it?

Getting a dating coach can be useful for addressing issues that are happening within the relationship – like communication, trust, parenting, stress or addictive behaviors. If you’re looking to take the next level in your commitment, a dating coach can be a great help. So let’s give it a try, and you tell me!

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