Financial Freedom After Abuse

When my mom left her abuser, leaving was only the first step. There were mountainous hurdles she had to overcome. For years, she had let someone else take every ounce of control away, whittling her down into a shell of herself. She had to relearn so many things like how to make simple decisions and how to manage finances. 

She had to start from the ground up. She had to rebuild her life, starting with absolutely nothing. 

On top of all of that, the abuse left her with this constant, insatiable fear. The world she lived in left her mind reeling with this never-ending dread.

She did an amazing job. She made sure my brother and I received every learning opportunity we desired. She kept our emotions and well-being at the top of her priorities even while everything was falling apart. 

But everything was so. Hard. for her. She never had anyone take her hand and say, “All it takes is $20 a month, starting now, then you could have —- amount of money for retirement.” 

She died with mountainous debt, but worse, she died without hope of ever achieving financial freedom. 

But it didn’t have to be that way. She didn’t have to feel hopeless. 

There are tricks that financially well off people use. I’ll be honest, financially well off people also happen to have a decent amount of luck, but there are simple things they do to cushion their financial stability. 

I’ve spent years researching financial stability and learning the tricks from wealthy people. Though their paths are often unique, they do have one thing in common: they understand the numbers behind financial decisions. 

I want to give that foundation to all of you.  

That’s why I’ve created the following templates in Excel: 

Figure out where and how money is being spent each month

Find out how much monthly payments will be on a certain loan and how much money will be paid interest alone.

Discover how easy it is to save money for retirement. 

Each spreadsheet is easy to follow. All you have to do is input numbers and the template will show you the results from a variety of financial choices. 

Please to this for you. For your future, for your success. 

Financial freedom can become less abstract. In fact, it can become an actual possibility.