Taking Back Control with Budgeting


“If you don’t have control over your finances, you don’t have control over your life.” 

Often times, abuse victims hand over control because the concept of budgeting seems overwhelming. I’ve heard many victims say that the idea of managing the finances is terrifying. 

My response, isn’t it more terrifying to have someone else manage your finances? 

Think about it. 

Whoever is managing the finances gets to decide how and where the money goes. In a healthy relationship, this management is done in an open and honest way with each partner fiercely protecting the desires of the other.  

However, if control is solely in the hands of one romantic partner and the other partner wants absolutely nothing to do with it, it is sooooooo easy to tread the line and fall over the edge of abuse. It’s so easy to say, “oh, we don’t have enough money for groceries this week.” (5 mins later) “OOO I need this new high definition tv for my video games. Looks like there’s enough in the budget for that this week!” (actual abuser statement) 

Over time, one partner’s needs could be habitually unmet. 

Don’t let that happen. 

Budgeting and management of family finances is actually exceptionally easy once you get the hang of it. 

To make it even easier, I’ve created a lovely budget template to help you get started. 

Take 5 mins, fill the spreadsheet out and boom. You’ll have a budget and you’ll be on your way to taking back control of your life. 

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