Support a Survivor

“The rain begins with a single drop.”

~Manal al-Sharif  

You can make a difference! 

One of the best ways to support an abuse survivor is to help them thrive in their business endeavors. You can do that by purchasing gifts and services from business you know are owned and operated by survivors.

How do you find those businesses? 

Well I’ve created this awesome list! 

There’s everything from website design/development to personalized wedding stationary. 

Enjoy shopping and thank you for joining the fight against abuse!

Jami Quan

Life Coach/Transformational Coach

Instagram: @JamiQuans  Website:

Bio: Jami Quan, an Oakland, Ca. native and producer of transformative podcast, “The Me I Was Tomorrow”, colors within and outside the lines of conversation, webbing contradiction into a coherent journey that shifts the listner’s experience from one of complacency to one of leading edge discovery. 

JamiQuan, a multi-dimensional, quick-witted conversationalist, embodies the spirit of the streets, clinical therapist, entrepreneur, mother, and Yogini.

Having hit rock bottom herself and dug deeper; JamiQuan has allowed the wisdom of the unknown to blow new wind into her life and the lives  of others.

Warning: Self-Awareness is needed. You may be triggered..



Max Tang

Max Gets Curious
Writer/Speaker/ Blogger 

Instagram: @Maxgetscurious        Website:

As the founder of Max Gets Curious, I write and speak about how choosing courageous curiosity in our conversations, mental health, and personal growth can help us change our minds and lives. Though I was born and raised in a fundamentalist Christian community, curiosity has led me to come out, recover from anxiety that left me mute, reinvent my biracial identity, and create a life of joyous exploration. Today, I teach others to seek life beyond suppression and echo chambers with strategies and stories that harness curiosity’s power.

Melissa Guerrero

Creative Digital Developer 

Instagram: @mmgfrog      Website:

I am an HTML designer and creative digital developer. I specialize in responsive, mobile-first emails and forms (such as guest experience surveys) and can also help customize e-commerce sites or personal websites

My portfolio with contact form is at

Ally Yoder

Writer and Advocate- Founder of S.C.A.R Foundation

Instagram: @allyswag618   Website: The S.C.A.R. Foundation 

My name is Ally Yoder, and I am a junior undergraduate studying Psychology and Neuroscience and attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I advocate for mental health awareness as well as sexual assault/violence/abuse. I also enjoy photography and poetry, and recently self published my first book, “Set Me Free”, a poetic memoir about overcoming childhood abuse.

The S.C.A.R. Foundation is a non-profit organization created to spread awareness and provide a voice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. S.C.A.R. stands for Support, Care, Advocate, & Reclaim. Today, many adult survivors still face mental health related issues and I want to express the importance for these individuals to find the help they deserve.

Alexandra Dey

Custom Fine Wedding Stationary 

Instagram: @loveannie.slc

About me: My name is Alexandra Dey and I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wonderful husband and am fortunate enough to have been able to turn my passion into a career. Not only has this journey in entrepreneurship been incredibly liberating and empowering but it continues to be a great healing tool through a creative outlet.

About my business: Love, Annie is a custom fine art wedding stationery service that specializes in bespoke invitation suites. When it comes to your wedding day, the magic lies in the details.


Consultant with Roden and Fields    {Awesome Skincare Products} 

Website:                     Instagram:

I am a survivor of being abused by a girl older than me when I was a child. Though it has taken me 30+ years to conquer my problems from that, I have finally become proud of the woman and mother I am today! I am a single mama, proud of my struggles and accomplishments and most of all proud of my perfect little human. My goal in life is to provide my son a better life/childhood than I had, which I am accomplishing though my business! 

My Business:
I am a consultant with Rodan and Fields.